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Based in Copenhagen and founded in early 2000, the mission and vision of Savivo is to bring back the magic in learning. As an award-winning educational online games and apps developer, we have the winning formula to create games for kids to learn in a fun, innovative and smart way.
By embracing a unique learning philosophy in designing our interactive and innovative learning platforms, we believe that learning can be inspired, and better retained, through a holistic cohesive edutainment approach with learner-centered and selfdirected learning pedagogies as the cornerstones of our web-based products and mobile apps.
With technology becoming ever so instrumental in breaking down global and social barriers to empower children today, we believe in fostering learning partnerships with educational institutions, governments, corporations, non-governmental organisations across the globe to fight illiteracy and to awaken the love for learning in every child.
Because at the heart of championing edutainment is for every child to say: Learning starts with me.
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